Clean Master for PC

Clean Master is now becoming very popular among the android users. Clean Master apk for android was the first version of the clean master developed by the cheetah mobile and for your happiness now there is a version for your PC also.

Clean Master for PC can be recognized as the best cleaning app that you can download freely. If you want to keep your PC neat and tidy here is the best option. Hurry! And download the Clean Master for PC. This Clean Master for PC is available for windows including Windows XP, Windows 7 and even for the latest windows version.

When you download and open the Clean Master in your PC you can see several options in the homepage where each and every option will ultimately lead to a better performance of the device. The main 3 options that you come across are

  • Junk clean
  • Privacy Clean
  • PC boost

 Junk Clean

 Are you aware? When you are browsing through the web browsers, when you are installing apps, when you are playing games and even when you are using social Medias many junk files will be stored up in your device. It will lead to malfunctioning of your PC. You may run out of your internal memory as well as the PC will not function faster. It may become slower and slower due to these unwanted files that will be stored. Sometimes most of you may not have an idea about these junk files. You may wonder, what are these junk files and why we need to free from these junk files?

If I say simply junk files are the temporary used files that will be created by various apps and programs. They are of temporary used and once we used those we do not need them again. No doubt. You can remove these junk files totally and it will never harm your device functionality. Only it will become a help. I am pretty sure when you are browsing through the browsers you get some notifications asking your opinions to send cookies. Sometimes some of you will accept those cookies. But these cookies are also a form of junk files that do not need by you. Surely you have to remove these junk files. In addition when you are downloading apps some form of junk files are getting stored up. Even if you uninstall the app these junk files may still remain there by consuming your internal memory. So here comes Clean Master for PC that will definitely help you to get rid of those unwanted files.

Unlike the other cleaner apps that scans only about 100 of apps for the junk files, this app scans about more than 100 programs of you PC.

Do my important files may also get deleted? Surely not. Because it is tested and this won’t delete the important files of yours. If you do not believe that no worries the app will scan the device and view a list of apps with the removal junk file sizes and it provide opportunity for you to select the app that you want to delete the junk files.

 Furthermore this app will scan for the rarely used audio and video files, the incomplete downloads and also some pictures that you are using rarely and recommend you to delete them. But you can choose to delete or keep them.

Privacy Clean

This option will help you to protect your privacy when you are surfing through your web browsers. It will protect you from risky 6 main privacy issues. It will block the invaders and also remove the unwanted or unsafe browsing history.

PC Boost

With this option you can boot your stat time and also you can hibernate the unwanted start up processes. It will help to avoid lagging and optimize your network settings also.

More importantly all these valuable processes need only just one or two clicks and only few seconds. The interface of the app is user-friendly and easy to navigate and understand. Only one or two steps are there to run a complicated process. Awesome! Isn’t it?

There are two versions of this wonderful app.

  • Free version
  • Professional version- that you need to buy

What is the difference between two versions?

Of course the one we are buying should contain more features than the one which is free.

What are those features?

  • There are options for recovering the lost files
  • Auto junk cleaning and also auto browser cleaning
  • Driver booster and auto update

Choose your version, download and enjoy the benefits of the optimized PC.

If you have Android TV you can use Clean Master for TV too. This app available on Filelinked. You can use Filelinked to download and install Clean Master on TV too.

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