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FlipaClip is most of an app that suits people interested in drawing and animating, professionals in anime creating, drawing lovers, anime cartoon creators, and many more who love doing aesthetic subjects such as drawing and designing. If you are one of them, I know that you will love this application 100%.


What is Flipaclip APP?

FlipaClip offers the chance to its users to create cartoons, anime movies, draw anime characters. Many more using super functions such as sketching, story boarding, photo animating, frame by frame was animating, picture drawing with moving effects, drawing pictures and turning them into animated gifs, creating rotoscope videos, and many more.

This makes the user do the actual work in a free manner with an easy interface. Since the interface of FlipaClip is way more comfortable and friendlier, people tend to draw anime rather than using complex anime creating applications. Thus, FlipaClip apk allows its users to draw, create anime, and design anime like a pro. You will be able to explore your imagination boundlessly and make the world know how creative you are.

FlipaClip can also be mentioned as the best animating app among many animating applications in the market. It is a top rated app, which is 4.4 out of 5, and heart won over 10 million users with its super-duper functions, features and chances. It is offered by Visual Blasters LLC and has initially released on the 2nd of April 2012. Better start animating with FlipaClip from today.

Characteristics of the app, FlipaClip

Numerous kinds of Art drawing tools are available in this app to make sure that you can draw as same as you draw on a real canvas. Thus, FlipaClip makes you feel like you are actually drawing with real brushes and stuff. You can make Art with convenient tools such as brushes, pencils, pens, lasso, filling stuff, erasers, rulers in different angles, shapes such as Square, Circle, Rectangle, Triangle, etc., multiple font options, and inserting text items and many more. Make sure that all the stuff you experience is free of charge.

You can choose the preferred size of the canvas you like to draw by adjusting its width and height. So, it makes your creation more perfect with the perfect canvas size. Besides, FlipaClip supports pressure-sensitive stylus pens. Thus, you can use your Samsung S Pen or Sonar Pen to draw your stuff.

The next most super-duper function is anime layers. You can select up to three anime layers and draw your drawing in different layers so that it will be easy for you to color other parts in different ways. If you feel like three layers are insufficient, you better go for a pro and add up to 10 layers. You should upgrade the app to a premium version.

Very different Animating Tools

Different kinds of video animating tools are available in the application, such as frame by frame animation, which is super easy when using an intuitive animation timeline and some practical tools. The second video animating tool is the Onion Skin Animating tool. Yet, an animation frames viewer and an option to guide the animation with overlay grids.

Yet, another super beneficial feature FlipaClip provides you is the facility to create videos with audio. You can use up to 6 audio clips free, and you can add and edit them according to the video you make. You can either add voice records as dialogues or export them as a cartoon. You can even import your audio files for a low cost. 

Save animations with different Formats

FlipaClip allows you to animate photos and videos. You can draw on the top of your video, or you can use video animation rotoscopes. Besides, you can save your videos as MP4 files of GIFs. Yet, FlipaClip supports PNG sequences with transparency.

You can share your creativity among your friends, family, and loved ones by sharing them on Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Tumblr. Moreover, you can join the challenges FlipaClip put out and win excellent prizes. It is more like video-making contests.

New features with the latest updates

There are many bug fixes and additional functions with the latest updates. FlipaClip has fixed the contest promo page option and also has improved the contest entry submission error messages. Moreover, FlipaClip has updated Spanish and Chinese translations. FlipaClip is a way more good anime creating app for the users who love to draw and design creative things. This is the best app you guys can spend your boring time with. So, why don’t you guys hurry up and click the install button? 

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