VirusTotal For Android TV

VirusTotal is a website that provides many security services for users including online scan engines. Now you can access these services through the VirusTotal Android app on your smartphone.

As I said before, the VirusTotal website offers an Android app to scan your device. When you install this application, it will be able to scan all your apps. If there is any malware or harmful content, you will be informed by VirusTotal app. You can upload unknown sources such as APK files to this application. Then VirusTotal will be able to inform the security status of that unknown APK file. You can’t use this specific app as a virus guard because it designed to assure the device’s security. It means you can not replace this application as a virus guard. VirusTotal is trying to increase the security of the internet and make it a more safe place for users. VirusTotal gathers information from its users and more than 50 antivirus programs help with the scanning process.

  • Size – 7.1MB
  • Android version requires – At least 4.4
  • Developers – Developed by FunnyCat.
  • Downloads – More than 1,000,000+ in PlayStore.
  • Popularity – This application archives 4.2 out of 5 ratings in PlayStore.

Features of VirusTotal TV App

  • When you install this application you will be able to scan your device through the more than 50 antivirus programs.
  • This app will inform you about the app’s status after scanning.
  • If there is any malware content installed in your device, it will appear in red color. Other apps will appear in Green or Gray color. They represent No problems and No information about that specific app respectively.
  • If there are any Gray color items, you can upload those apps for analysis. It takes only a few seconds. After that you will receive a complete report about the app.
  • This app gathers information about apps from users. You can send more apps to scan because it would be helpful to developers and also your future analysis.
  • This app allows users to scan web pages. You just need to copy and paste the URL. If the green light appears, it means the URL is secure. If not, you will get Red light.
  • VirusTool supports scanning local files. It means you can analyze any type of file here.
  • You will be able to access the statistics section. In there, you can find all details such as scanned files, detections, etc.

How to Install Virus Total on Android TV

VirusTotal app available on Google play store. You can open Play Store app on Android TV and go to search section and type the name of this app. There you can see the this app.

Download Via Play Store

You integrate VirusTotal app with Filelinked app. Thereby you can scan files before downloading. No need to download and scan. Since downloading unknown apps directly to your TV is not safe at all, you can use this method. Click here to integrate VirusTotal app on Filelinked.

Safety and Legality

VirusTotal is a PlayStore available app and it does not contain any harmful items. If you are willing to know more about that, You can read the permission section before the installation. This app was developed by FunnyCat developers not VirusTotal itself. VirusTotal website has no responsibility for using this application.

So that’s all about VirusTotal for Android app. I hope you all got the facts about this app. In my opinion, this app will make sure your device’s security from harmful apps. But keep in mind this is not a virus guard. You can help with making a safer place on the internet with this app. All you need to upload your app list to VirusTotal.

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