8 Ball Pool Game

Billiards and pool enthusiasts are likely familiar with the well-known smartphone app 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip.com. This game, which allows users to play pool against friends and others from all over the world, has gained widespread popularity and has received over 500 million downloads across multiple platforms and has active users from all over the world. The app was released in the year 2013 and it quickly gained popularity among users worldwide. The app’s simple and clear layout further appeals to users and drives traffic towards it in the app market.

Content and Features of the app

In the multiplayer game 8 Ball Pool, participants can engage in live competition with one another. The game is simple to pick up and play, with controls that suit players of all skill levels. To gain awards and move up the leaderboards, players can choose to compete in tournaments or one-on-one matchups. One of 8 Ball Pool’s biggest features is the option to personalize your gaming environment. There are numerous cues and tables available to players, each with a distinctive design and gameplay features. During games, they can also alter their avatars and communicate with other players through chat which is a very convenient feature.

The app also has a leveling system that awards experience points to users for each game they complete. The game remains fascinating and innovative as players advance through the levels by unlocking additional cues, tables, and game styles. There is a significant social component to 8 Ball Pool. In order to compete against their friends and see their progress on the leaderboards, players can link their Facebook profiles to the game. Additionally, they can speak with other gamers that enjoy the same games they do by joining clubs.

The monetization method used by the 8 Ball Pool gaming app is one of its few drawbacks. Players can buy in-game currency to speed up the process of unlocking additional cues and tables even though the game is free to download and play. While the matchmaking mechanism in the game makes an effort to equalize gaming by pairing players of comparable skill levels, some players believe that this unfairly favors paid players.

More advanced features are also available in the app which can be accessed through making in app purchases and payments. It is also important to note that a stable internet connection is required in order to play the game. The app is also updated on a regular basis to ensure optimum app performance as well as to offer users the best possible gaming experience out there.


Overall, the 8 Ball Pool app is a great method for gamers to play pool against friends and people from across the world. It is an addicting and entertaining mobile game. It distinguishes itself in the crowded mobile game app market as a result of its customization possibilities, leveling system, and unique social features. The game’s engaging gameplay and supportive community aspect make it well worth a download. You can download and install free games using play store and AC Market app store. AC Market offers games that are not in play store too. AC Market support all most all Android devices out there.

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