Random Apps found on the internet – Android

There are lots of Android apps and games that are not found on Google Play Store. Today we are going to discuss about some awesome android apps and some game platform apps not games. First of all let’s install VPN app. Because main thing is to protect your privacy.

Kiwi VPN

Kiwi VPN

Kiwi VPN is the best ultimate free VPN app that I used. Because it offers limit less connection to internet. You can choose your preferred location. No bandwidth limitations and other restrictions. I am using that app for a long time no problem at all. I don’t know how they offer that app features for free. By the way give it a try. If you have play store just go to play store and search kiwi VPN. If no you can download Kiwi VPN APK here.

PS4 Remote Play Apk

ps4 remote play

As you all know PS4 Remote play android app is one of the most need app if you have a playstation. For some reasons that app was released only for Xperia or Sony devices. As per today Sony doesn’t able to share same market place as samsung, huawei and etc. So at the time of writing this article sony has decided to release there app to all android devices. If you were not able to find that app on play store you can download latest version of PS4 Remote Play APK here.

Exagear Strategies

This is the app I am talking about games. This is not a game. This app allows you to play classic games on your Android phone. I mean Windows classic games. How cool is that. Exagear strategies apk is available for free. Contain Ads. Doesn’t matter. Because those Ads are at good level not at annoying level like others. That’s why I choose this app in the first place. Have fund with those old fashion games on your Android.

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